Taylor Voss for Pueblo City School Board

A New Vision for Education

  • Students first – Our students are the future of our community. We need schools that spark their passion for education, and properly prepare them for an ever-changing world.
  • Advocate for teachers – Teachers are the backbone of society, and they are absolutely the backbone of this community. They need to be valued, and that value needs to be shown by providing resources, as well as through respect and praise.
  • Transparent and Accessible to the community – Change is needed in our schools. To achieve this change, I challenge the community to get more involved, and I promise to be open and accessible to hear the community’s ideas and opinions.

“I believe that in order to start making progress and to change Pueblo, we need to change education. Our schools should be a springboard to give our citizens the opportunity to thrive. Education must be a priority for every member of this community, and we must demand change in our schools. It is time that our community rallies around this issue, because it’s more important now than ever before. Pueblo’s future depends on it. I vow to have an open mind to new ideas, to constructively challenge the status quo, and to always have a relentless passion for bringing progress to our schools and community.” – Taylor Voss

Pueblo Chieftain: CSU-Pueblo grad, activist, seeking D60 board seat